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I'm Dayeen

Graduate Student & Enthusiast Photographer

I am a physics graduate student at University of Illinois Chicago. Also working as a teaching assistant there. I enjoy reading. The knowledge and perspective that my reading gives me has strengthened my teaching skills and presentation abilities. People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills. I love travelling and photography. I love blogging in my free time. You can check my blog here. To know more about me, keep scrolling.

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    Projects & Publications

    Multi-multifractality and dynamic scaling in WPSL

    Journal: Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Published: Oct /2016

    We show that except the conservation of total area, each of the infinitely many non-trivial conservation laws is actually a multifractal measure and hence weighted planar stochastic lattice (WPSL) is a multi-multifractal. We also find that the Lewis law for weighted planar stochastic lattice is obeyed for up to k=8 and the Aboav–Weaire law is violated for the entire range of k.

    Cause-Effect Pair Detection

    Project Completed: May /2016

    Completed my Master of Science in Theoretical Physics with a thesis on Quantum Field Theory. Courseworks: Statistical Mechanics, Particle Physics, Condensed Matter Physics.

    Percolation and Cluster Distribution

    Project Completed: April /2015

    We examine cluster labeling technique in percolation and establish a relation between the number of clusters and site occupation probability using Hoshen-Kopelman algorithm.

    Analysis of Degrees of Freedom For Vector Tensor Models

    MSc. Thesis Published: Sept /2012

    We consider a model in which vector gauge field is coupled directly to an antisymmetric tensor field in presence of a pseudoscalar and a pure scalar mass term and hence calculate the degrees of freedom.


    Graduate Student

    Department of Physics, University of Illinois Chicago Current

    Courseworks: Quantum Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, Algorithm, Introduction to Probability.

    Master of Science

    Department of Theoretical Physics,University of Dhaka Graduated/ 2012

    Courseworks: Quantum Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, Algorithm, Introduction to Probability.
    With a thesis on Quantume Field Theory.

    Bachelor of Science (Hons.)

    Department of Physics, University of Dhaka Graduated/ 2011

    Completed my undergrad as Physics major with the minor in Chemistry, Statistics and Mathematics. Major Courseworks: Introduction to Scientific Computing, Classical Mechanics, Nuclear Physics.


    Teaching Assistant

    University of Illinois Chicago Aug/ 2014- Current

    Working as Teaching Assistant at the Department of Physics for more than two years. Responsibility includes facilitate lab session, aid students to understand materials, proctor and grade exams.

    Student Departmental Representatives

    Graduate Student Council at UIC Aug/ 2016- July/ 2017

    Our aim is to represent the interests of graduate students in campus committees throughout the year. Hosting academic workshops and seminars and encourage collaboration across academic programs .

    I Specialized in

    Computing Softwares

    Mathematica, Matlab, Gnuplot

    Programming Languages

    C/C++, Python, Java, R

    Graphics Software

    Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Blender

    My Interests

    My hobbies and passions
    My passion

    Checkout my photography at Flickr or 500px

    Places I have visited:

  • Grand Canyon
  • Niagara Falls
  • Me
    Bucket List
    Things I have done

  • Ice Sking 1260ft from Mountain
  • Skydiving from 14,000ft above the sea level
  • Drove NASCAR in racing track (Top speed 224.80 km/h)
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