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DFT+U Simulation of $LaNiO_3$
Wrote a program in Python , ran that on server and calculated Hubbard U from the graph of collected data.
Jan 2017 - Present
Multi-multifractality and dynamic scaling in Weighted Planar Stochastic Lattice
Wrote a program in C++ to calculate the scaling factor of Stochastic Lattice by plotting graph from data.
Worked in Linux environment for running the simulation
Oct 2016
Building Mini Watson
Wrote a program that replies to query using data from SQL
May 2016
Cause-Effect Pair Detection
Build a classification based approach to solve the cause-effect pair detection problem using Python.
May 2016
Percolation and Cluster Distribution
Examine cluster labeling technique in percolation and establish a relation between the number of clusters and site occupation probability
Apr 2015

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