Life of a Grad student - Procrastination

I always thought about writing a diary but it never went well, I didn't continue. It may be because I didn't find a good reason for writing these garbage (well sort of!) or my habit of procrastination.
Yeah! I am really good at procrastinating. My creativity kicks off at the very last moment before the deadline. Some people motivates by seeing other people, getting inspiration from nature (or whatever), I motivate when I panic!

Procrastination manifest itself with every aspect of my life. I wait until the last minute to turn the homework in, do my dishes and pay my bills.
Last spring I took a course on 'Phase transition'. We had a take home exam. Professor gave us a whole week to solve that. Guess what? I didn't touch the exam for five days. On the sixth day, I took a look at the questions for the very first time and realized it wasn't that easy as I thought. I panicked!! I spent the whole day to solve it, whole night to write it down. Well..... not the whole night, I ended up sleeping around 3:30am, even 3 cups of coffee didn't help.

And woke up around 12:30pm. Yaaikss!! I was late.  I rushed to the school and submitted whatever I had. After turned in my copy, suddenly realized I made a huge blunder in the calculations but there was nothing I could do. I wish I would've started earlier.
It's just one example of me as a procrastinator. Other people would have learned from this mistake but I didn't. It's like having a little monkey inside my brain who loves to play all the time and keeps me away from doing important stuff.
My procrastination level depends on how much things need to be done. The more the workload, the harder I procrastinate. A single line of equation can easily express my situation-
$$\text{My Procrastination level}\propto \text{Stuffs I need to do} $$
Graphically it can be shown as-

I wish I could do a better job other than panicking at the last moment; get around to it, start to do things on time....well may be from tomorrow....

(struggle continues...)

Illustration: Fazle R Dayeen